About VWS

Vom Wiggins Schloss (VWS) is dedicated to the breeding and training of working German Shepherd Dogs. We strive to perpetuate the vision of Max v. Stephanitz, the founder of the German Shepherd, who said "the breeding of Shepherd dogs must be the breeding of working dogs, this must always be the aim or we shall cease to produce working dogs."

We have a rigerous testing program for selecting breeding dogs. The two primary areas we focus on when selecting a breeding dog are the bloodlines and the dog itself. We use only the finest European imported working bloodines from Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Holland. In our opinion, bloodlines are only part of the equation when breeding quality working dogs. The dog itself must possess the working qualities we strive to produce, therefore, making it an excellent representative of the bloodlines. These qualities are correct structure, sound health, strong nerves, natural aggression, with extreme drives for the work in tracking, obedience, and protection. Along with possessing these qualities, all of our breeding dogs must be at a minimum SchH titled and certified clear of hip and elbow dysplasia by OFA or the SV a-stamp system.


About Jason, Owner VWS

Jason has always had a passion for dogs and dog training. He started training his family dog, a Great Pyrenese, in AKC obedience at age 12. At age 14, Jason was introduced to the dog sport Schutzhund and German Shepherd Dogs. He was immediately hooked on the sport and breed. At 14, Jason convinced his father to purchase his first dog to train for Schutzhund. The dog was Gero vom Mettenertal, SchH2. Gero was a two year old dog imported from Germany and ended up teaching Jason more about Schutzhund than he ever taught the dog.

Since then Jason has trained and titled many dogs in Schutzhund. He has consistently been on the podium at Regional and National Championships. Jason was selected twice to compete internationally on the USA Team at the prestigious WUSV World Championships. He has also coached several others to the same level of success at Regional, National, and International Championships.

Highlights of accomplishments:

2x WUSV World Team Member, 2010 - Seville, Spain & 2011 - Kiev, Ukraine
(2011 - Highest USA Team dog in the stadium)
2011 USA Working Dog Champion & HOT Champion, HIGH Protection
2011 AWDF Championship - 7th place
2010 AWDF Championship - 7th place
2009 USA National Vice Champion & HOT Champion
2009 Mideastern Regional Vice Champion, HIGH Tracking
2009 USA Working Dog SchH2 Champion
Training Director of Wildcat Schutzhund Club, 2007 - present
(Wildcat's accomplishments since 2007: 5x WUSV World Team Participants, 1xFCI World Team Member, USA National Champion, USA Vice National Champion, USA Working Dog Champion, 2x Mideastern Regional Vice Champions, 3rd place USA Malinois Nationals, USA Vice Working Dog Champion - SPECIAL NOTE: ALL of these dogs were H.O.T.)
Selected for helperwork at the 2008 Mideastern Regional Championships
Founder and Training Director of Aloha Schutzhund Club, 2000 - 2006